Geography KS3

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Play the Map Puzzle Adventure:

  • Draw a map of a place you know. It could be your bedroom, street, the Quad at school, a place you've been on holiday. Don't rush it - make it a work of art. Try to create a map that is so good you want to put it on your wall!
  • If you finish the work above and would like to do some more work you can continue with your geography targets (attached). Remember to prove that you can do each target before moving on to the next one.



  • Students should work their way through the Geography ladder targets (attached) as they do in their geography books. They can go right back to the start (i.e. Target I1) or jump to their existing target. Use the internet, atlases, friends and family to help if you get stuck.


  • Extension tasks: Go to BBC Bitesize

Choose a topic that interests you; work through the revision section then take the test.

It is suggested that each year group focusses on the following:

Year 7s on Rivers and Water

Year 8s on Urban Environments

Year 9s on Ecosystems


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